What is Compassionate Release?

Compassionate Release is a program that enables elderly and terminally ill inmates to obtain parole.  The objective is to expedite medical treatment that meets accepted standard of care in the community. 



     After the death of her husband, Carol is faced with raising her twin daughters alone and navigating the aftermath of tragedy.  One daughter sees the world through the eyes of an elitist,  while the other sees it as a defeatist.  

     Their journeys will be as life changing as the death that set them on this unexpected and heartbreaking course.  


Janet and Jasmine are inseparable twin sisters raised in a loving home until their father dies.  Their mother, Carol, is left with the responsibility of sole provider. 

Carol  takes a part-time job to send Janet to a prestigious university, while her sister, Jasmine, falsely confesses to a petty crime she did not commit in order to spare her boyfriend the long sentence mandated for a repeat offender.    

Rather than getting a slap on the wrist, Jasmine is charged, found guilty, and imprisoned. There, Jasmine develops rapidly progressing kidney failure and becomes terminally ill.  

Carol and Janet fight to bring Jasmine home, so she can be surrounded by those who love her.  Once self-involved and obsessed with her own path, Janet leans in and responds to the inextricable bond between twins as she dedicates herself to freeing Jasmine.